7 Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Cannabis Writer for Your Business

7 Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Cannabis Writer for Your Business (1).png

By Rachel Garland

Could hiring a cannabis writer help your business?

If you’ve been debating whether or not outsourcing content creation is the right move…

Here are seven benefits of adding a professional writer to your team.

1.) Industry Specific Expertise

Spreading cannabis education is key to overcoming the stigma and growing your business.

Yet, as we know, this plant is complex. How we speak about it matters. Of course, as a community, we want to share credible, thought-provoking, and fact-based cannabis science.

While you may be well versed in cannabis, do you actually want to be writing about it all of the time?

Probably not.

This is where hiring a cannabis writer can be a huge help!

2.) Consistent High Quality Content

Do you want to know the secret of blogging?

Consistently sharing high quality content. Blogs have the power to drive traffic and increase sales for years to come. However! One or two blogs is not going to have a big impact.

To experience the rewards of blogging, you will need to be creating content on a regular basis.

Unless you happen to have a few spare hours every day dedicated to writing…

It is more cost effective to hire a cannabis content creator.

3.) Overcome Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

Advertising restrictions present a real challenge for cannabis businesses.

Cannabrands must be more strategic and rely on organic opportunities to maximize their exposure. As a matter of fact, content marketing happens to be one of the most powerful advertising outlets for cannabis companies.

Sharing valuable content is key to brand building.

While your business may not be able to hire someone to manage their social media advertising campaigns, you can hire someone to produce valuable content.  

4.) Strategic SEO for Better Search Results

Want more people to find your website when searching online?

Then create as much content as possible. In order for your business to start ranking higher on Google (AKA whether you show up on page one or page ten) you need to be consistently publishing SEO friendly blog posts.

A great professional cannabis writer understands this plant and search engines, thereby positioning your business for success.

5.) Expand Brand Awareness

Reach your target audience by providing helpful, relevant content.

Blogs are key to building trust and expanding brand awareness. When search engines like Google see that you are continually providing valuable information, your business is perceived as a trusted source, thereby ranking higher.


Social media is still tricky territory for cannabis companies. It is wise to invest in building brand awareness through other methods like blogging that offer long-term benefit over a social media post which could be deleted without notice.

6.) Make More Sales

A talented cannabis writer knows how to educate others and sell.

The right copy can mean the difference between zero conversions and generating thousands of dollars. Why not hire an expert for the job?

When you are operating in an environment with so many marketing restrictions, sharing great content is vital to making more sales. A expert cannabis copywriter will create content that is designed to attract your target audience and turn them into customers.

7.) Your Time is Money

Do you want to spend hours of your day writing cannabis blogs?

If you’re running a business, no way!

There are just not enough hours in a day. Not to mention your time is better used elsewhere. All of that time writing you could be spending running your business.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself…

Are you really the best person for the job?

To grow your cannabis business you need to build your dream team! Hiring a professional writer can take your business to the next level.

If you’re looking for an experienced cannabis writer to scale your business…

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