Why I Started 420 Web Designs

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By Hunter Saab

In 2016, I made a decision. I said goodbye to mediocrity and working my corporate job as well as working for others success in the past and decided to build my own brand and travel the world.
I have a passion for cannabis! I love to toke and, more importantly, I witnessed loved ones self cure with medical marijuana! The cannabis industry was poised to seriously take off and I decided to get on board!

My work experience was diverse and included, customer service, sales, management, entertainment, web design and banking. Because of that diversity, I had developed skills that I realized could be translated into a way to create my own brand by helping other cannabis, CBD and hemp business create and build theirs.

That was the seed of 420 Web Designs!

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I took the plunge and created my own logo and website. It was such a great feeling to see my vision take shape and I was more motivated than ever to help ‘budding entrepreneurs’, like you, have that same experience. After three years, I am still excited to see my clients’ enthusiasm and motivation as their brand vision takes shape in their logo and website.

What I Have Learned So Far

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The thing that became quickly apparent to me, in the beginning years, was the lack of relevant, effective marketing in the cannabis industry. Due to the restrictions on traditional online advertising, it became clear that having visibility and ways to promote your brand required creativity and innovation.

Bring On The Guerrilla Marketing!

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There is only one way to combat the bigger force, in war and in business, and that is by using guerrilla marketing techniques. When it comes to overcoming legal limitations, as well as being a start up with limited capital, you just have to go guerrilla! What that means is, you have to travel marketing roads less traveled in order to reach your target audience. You have to use the element of surprise!

Use tactics to catch people’s attention in their daily routine! For instance, you can use the power of dynamic info graphics and memes in social media to send a creative stand-out message and get the ‘click’ to your website.

However, once you have the person there, you have to engage them with captivating, relevant, educational content about your brand, products and services to keep them there and bring them back for more!

Building A Bigger Brand


When I started 420 Web Designs I was mainly creating high quality websites and logos.
Now, my team and I provide both start up and existing cannabis, CBD and hemp businesses with all aspects of branding and marketing.

We offer custom logo designs, web design, social media management, SEO, blogs, product descriptions landing pages, email newsletters, Apps, e-books, and more! We also offer custom designed packaging and labels.

We keep growing so that we can help you build a bigger brand!

Keep It Fresh, Stay In The Game And Never Give Up

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Anything worth having is always worth the effort! Once you make a definite decision you will find that life seems to conspire to bring you the necessary elements to make it happen!

Reach out and let’s talk about how you can grow your cannabis, CBD, or hemp business online!

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