How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Cannabis Website 

How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Cannabis Website (2).png

By Rachel Garland

Want more visitors coming to your website? Of course, you do! 

Driving web traffic is key to brand building. However, lack of website traffic is one of the biggest challenges cannabis entrepreneurs face. 

Unlike other industries, cannabis businesses operate in legal uncertainty with massive scrutiny. In fact, cannabis businesses are still banned from most traditional advertising outlets. 

Which means generating traffic is an even tougher process for cannabis companies. 

However, that doesn’t mean driving visitors to your website is impossible. Here are the top (and proven) strategies your cannabis business can use to increase website traffic substantially.


Create Valuable Content

People go to websites they care about. 

Sounds obvious, right? Yet, so many businesses struggle to attract visitors. A big part of this has to do with content. Or, in many cases, a lack of content.

Your website must offer something valuable to visitors. Whether it’s an experience, information, product (or a combination of these) people need an incentive.

Quality content attracts customers and builds brand advocates. It also helps people find you online. 


A website’s content plays a big role in how Google ranks it. Websites with relevant and quality content rank higher in the search results. Which means more visitors come to your website. 


Write Enticing Headlines

The title you choose for a post is huge. 

Pick the right title, your content could go viral. Pick the wrong title, and even with excellent copy, your article could be a total flop.

Attract visitors with headlines they can’t resist. 

Now, don’t promise anything you can’t deliver or make outrageous claims. Instead, aim to write headlines that evoke curiosity. Be sure to include any relevant keywords to maximize search engine rankings. 


Build a Responsive Website

The more accessible your website is, the more visitors it’s likely to attract.

Long gone are the days where only PCs drove traffic rates. Today, people are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for browsing online.

Your cannabis business’s website should be compatible across platforms. 

This way, whether someone is on an iPad or laptop, they can easily navigate your website


Capitalize on Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords help people get in contact with your business. 

The higher your website ranks for a keyword, the more visitors it will attract.

While cannabis is still an evolving industry, it’s competitive.

Trying to rank for generic keywords such as cannabis, weed, or marijuana is extremely difficult. And if you’re a new website, it’s virtually impossible.

However, using longer more specific keywords is still fair game. It’s also a much better strategy.

Integrating relevant keywords and phrases throughout your website’s content can increase traffic substantially. If you need help finding the best keywords for your business, here is a handy guide from Google.


Promote a Giveaway

What’s better than dope stuff? FREE dope stuff. 

Websites that give something away draw more visitors, for obvious reasons. When a website creates something their audience loves, traffic rates rise. 

Promotional giveaways are a good way to entice visitors to your site. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your giveaway doesn’t have to be a product. You could offer consultations, discounts, tickets, guides, resources, etc. Don’t forget to require an email address to sign up. 


Develop Video Content

Did you know that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others? Or, that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online?

Video increases engagement. It’s a powerful form of communication and relationship building.

Luckily, producing video today is more affordable than ever before. Video production costs have dropped dramatically. Not to mention you can record videos with your smartphone.

Just make sure the content you share is relevant to your audience. 


Evaluate Your Analytics

If you want to draw serious traffic to your cannabis business’s website, you need to give your audience exactly what they want.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is falling into the assumption trap. Don’t assume you know what your audience wants. 

Google Analytics is a powerful (and free) tool. With analytics, you can pinpoint who your audience is and what they are searching for. In fact, this isn’t even scratching the surface of the insights you can gain from using Analytics! 

If you haven’t done so already, install Analytics for your website. If you already have Analytics, refer to it frequently. Your customers will reward you for it.


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